2020 Spotify Wrapped; Creating Content Worth Sharing

December 3rd, 2020

Influencer Marketing

2 min.

Every December Spotify launch an end-of-year event which reveals listening data throughout the year. Spotify Wrapped provides users with a review of their most played genres, artists, songs and – as of this year – podcasts. All-in-all Spotify Wrapped is a genius marketing campaign which year-on-year creates a buzz across all social media platforms worldwide. 

In 2020 there are a few new additions to the end of year reviews, aimed at increasing the personalisation and interactivity of the user experience. This year an interactive in-app quiz feature has been introduced allowing users to guess some of their results right before they are unveiled. Secondly, after on-going rumours that Spotify have been testing a Story-like feature on the app, this year’s listening reports were delivered via a Stories format similar to how they appear on Instagram. 

The social sharing component of Spotify Wrapped is the secret sauce for what makes the campaign so innovative. Users can share their listening data directly via Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and/or Twitter creating a surge of conversation across the globe between family, friends, brands and communities. With this campaign, Spotify utilises the power and connectedness of social media to influence people to talk about the brand, producing a giant wave of publicity and brand awareness.

Spotify Wrapped effortlessly demonstrates the benefits of creating content that urges people to share across social media. If your team is looking to understand how to produce engaging content that delivers this effect, then Viral Group can help. Our team have years of experience in social media and planning and executing social media-based campaigns, we know exactly what content performs well and how to generate results. 

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