IT’S ALIVE! Hatchimals the new must-have toy that’s a cross between a Tamagotchi and Furby!

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DUBBED the real-life Tamagotchi, this mysterious egg literally hatches on its own into an interactive toy – but it takes a lot of work and you’ve got to give it some love.

The new egg-shaped toy, named Hatchimal, lets kids tap, rub and listen to the creature inside which responds with lights, sounds and tapping back until the time is right for hatching.

After around half-an-hour of play, the creature starts pecking on the shell loudly and rotating its head to strike its plastic shell.

What emerges is a fluffy robot that resembles a Furby with a hard beak, which it used to crack the egg from inside.

Once it hatches, you have to take care of the tiny creature and help it grow – unlocking new skills like learning to talk, walk and play games.

YouTube star Tiana was one of the first kids to get her hands on the much-hyped toy.

“I was so excited when my dad first told me about Hatchimals,” she said. “I love making videos about toys and Hatchimals are super cool.

“It was exciting not knowing what was inside. Lots of my friends already want one so I’m lucky to be one of the first to have my own Hatchimals.”

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