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Genuine influencers, granular data and next level reporting.

target by growth &
engagement rate

Granular information about the growth, engagement, audience and brands that our influencer engages with. An understanding about our influencer’s audience that not even the influencer can access!

Identify their most engaged posts across Instagram, Twitter and YouTube

targeting options

Gender, location, brand safe and specific audiences ensuring complete transparency and giving brands the piece of mind that they are working with the right influencer


next level reporting

Real time statistics to provide the true ROI on your influencer marketing spend

Identify social spikes and generate real granular data
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Identify the most engaging influencers for your brand and what content they produced
Brands are now utilizing our experience of the influencer industry and our third-party software to plan ALL their influencer marketing.

We can now offer brands the complete 360 offering from:

  • Identifying the right influencers, at the right price, to achieve all your marketing objectives.
  • Utilising social data to recommend the correct social execution.
  • Ensuring the brand is protected legally and no wastage on fake followers.
  • Next-generation reporting suite to offer brands complete transparency.
complete 360

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