case studies

Viral Talent has executed influencer-led marketing campaigns for a diverse range of brands covering Fashion & Beauty, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Technology, Kids and more. View our recent client case studies below.

1.5 Million+ YouTube Views


33,200+ Views on Reels
17,600+ Views on IGTV


644,000+ YouTube and Instagram Views
Converted 240 Downloads


850,000 YouTube Views in 10 Days
1.38 Million+ YouTube Views Overall

Outright Games

2.89 Million+ Reach
3 Million+ Impressions


3.54 Million+ YouTube Views
Achieved 140% of Views Target

Silverlit Toys – Curli Girls

2 Million+ YouTube Views
Achieved 194% of Views Target

Kalypso – Tropico 6

9.5 Million+ YouTube Views
165,000+ YouTube Likes


480,000 YouTube Views
6,000 Sign Ups to Smyths Giveaway

Golden Bear – Smart Ball

22.6% Engagement


250 Sign-Ups to HelloFresh Services

Hello Fresh

9.2 Million+ YouTube Views
100,000+ YouTube Likes


6 Month Partnership


2.76 Million+ YouTube Views
22.2 Million+ Impressions

Moose Toys

462,000+ YouTube Views


85 Million+ YouTube Views


5.3 Million+ YouTube Views
120,800+ Instagram Likes

Silverlit Toys – Tiny Furries

3.2 Million+ YouTube Views
17,000+ YouTube Likes


512,000+ YouTube views
32,000+ Instagram Likes


Instagram story achieved 22,000 views
Instagram grid post reached 15,500 users


Reached 115,800+ consumers
Generated 143,000+ impressions on Instagram

Hello Fresh

3.3 Million+ YouTube Views
55,000+ YouTube Likes

Silverlit Toys – LASER MAD & YCOO

36,000+ Instagram Likes
324 Link Clicks


Added Value

Emma Jayne x H&M

228,000+ YouTube Views
95,000+ Instagram Video Views

MGA Entertainment

312,000+ Reach
442,800+ Impressions


Increased Traffic To FabFitFun's Website



we provide in-depth analytics

Weekly case by case analytics are generated and shared with you so you know exactly where your money is going.

Brands are now utilizing our experience of the influencer industry and our third party software to plan ALL their influencer marketing.

how can we help

We bring the biggest and relevant brands to our creators, but we aren’t about sponsored content. We provide opportunities for careers on everything outside of our talents social platform.

We also have all the connections for licencing deals and the best merchandise agreements. Viral Family offers a complete 360 influencer management service.
At Viral Family our influencers engage with all members of the family. Families will watch our family influencers whereas mums from 18 – 40 will engage with our MumFluencers so we can target a wide variery of age groups depending on the brief.

If this is the audience you are looking to target then you have come to the right place.

We have executed campaigns across Fashion, Baby Care, Travel, Grooming, Beauty and more.