eBay were keen to work with Viral Talent to launch a campaign which would raise awareness of brand to the right audiences. More specifically eBay wanted to drive additional traffic to its site and various eBay sellers to increase the number of sales.

The target audience for this campaign was females in the UK aged 18 to 40 years old. The initial brief stated that eBay wanted to highlight it's diverse range of offerings and would offer the creator complete freedom to suggest and produce content ideas.



Viral Talent selected body confidence advocate TheFatFunnyOne, a.k.a Jess Jones, to take part in the campaign. Jess was a great fit for the brand because she could create promotional content which was still authentic to her personality and lifestyle; this is key for engagement. A combination of digital activations across Jess's Instagram were stretch across a 6 month period, which allowed Jess to perform an ambassador-style role.

For each set of activations, eBay provided a theme e.g. Christmas, Clothing, Home Organisation and more. Jess also posted a giveaway of products in collaboration with an eBay seller to help her audience with their money saving goals after the busy Christmas period. Click to view some of the content Jess created: Still grid post and video post.



eBay initiated the campaign with the intention of a 1 month partnership however after successful returns, the team decided to extend the campaign across a 6 month period including during the UK's lockdown in the 2020 global pandemic.

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