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Having executed a number of campaigns on behalf of HelloFresh, its team were keen to utilise Viral Talent's expertise again. In a previous collaboration Viral Talent arranged for social influencer and business woman Luisa Collins (Zissman), and TV Presenter and Life Coach Anna Williamson, to take part; due to the success of this HelloFresh requested that we team up with both women for a second time. Luisa and Anna also present their own podcast togther - "LuAnna" - which HelloFresh were keen to utilise for promotion of the campaign whilst Viral Talent focused on delivering results on the social side.


Consistent collaborations with creators who are a right fit for the brand means the brand gains all the benefits that brand ambassador marketing has to offer. Ambassadors embody what the brand is all about and continuously transmit positive messages about the brand to their audience. Audiences are more likely to trust a familiar brand as opposed to a one-off sponsored post, therefore working with Luisa and Anna again is incredibly valuable.

Alongside the podcast content, Luisa and Anna were asked to produce sponsored content for Instagram which included a call-to-action which encouraged their followers to sign up to HelloFresh directly. Luisa and Anna also offered their audiences incentives to purchase and shared bespoke discount codes to allow followers to purchase at a reduced fee. Luisa and Anna were given brand guidelines to follow but ultimately they had the freedom to create content organically to ensure maximum engagement. The content focused on relaying the HelloFresh branding and cementing the two women as brand ambassadors. The aim was to drive a more cult-like approach which would target middle-aged women specifically.



The campaign was a huge success for HelloFresh who received an impressive 250 sign ups as a result of the digital activations Viral Talent planned. HelloFresh were so pleased with the consistent results that both Anna and Luisa generated that they have decided to continue the relationships throughout the first half of the year in 2021.

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