Hello Fresh

The Brief

In a previous collaboration Viral Talent hired the help of social influencer and business woman Luisa Collins (Zissman), and TV Presenter and Life Coach Anna Williamson. Due to its success, HelloFresh requested that we team up with both women for a second time to publish content across their Instagrams. Whilst Viral Talent focused on delivering results on the social side, HelloFresh also wanted to utilise Luisa and Anna's podcast - "LuAnna" - for further promotion.

The Approach

Alongside the podcast content, Luisa and Anna were asked to produce sponsored content for Instagram including a call-to-action with a direct link for users to sign up to a HelloFresh subscription. Luisa and Anna shared bespoke discount codes to provide further incentive. The content focused on relaying the HelloFresh branding and cementing the two women as brand ambassadors.

The Results

The campaign generated an impressive 250 sign ups. HelloFresh were so pleased with the consistent results that both Anna and Luisa generated that they have decided to continue the relationships throughout the first half of next year.

Stats: At a glance

250 Sign ups