The Brief

Following the success of 2020’s campaign with Panini and SV2, Viral Talent embark on another partnership to raise awareness of Panini’s Premier League Football Stickers. This time round, Panini’s key focus was achieving increased viewership in the UK within a shorter time period. Secondary to this they were keen to reinforce the branding and improve retention among the right audiences – boys aged 7-11 in the UK.

The Approach

Viral Talent offered Panini a full 360-degree digital strategy to optimise viewership on YouTube. To kick off the campaign, we launched a 2-minute Trailer on SV2’s channel and a pre-roll advert simultaneously. We whitelisted football related channels and channels which appeal to Panini’s key demographic to best position the pre-roll advert. A week later a dedicated sponsored video launched on SV2's channel which he was given full creative freedom to produce.

The Results

In just 3 weeks the dedicated video generated over 1.5 million organic video views with the content yet to mature. The trailer achieved 66% average view duration and the full dedicated video averaged at 37%.

Stats: At a glance

1.5m organic video views
66% view rate