November 23rd, 2020

Influencer Marketing

3 min.

With over 3.6 billion people using social media worldwide in 2020 it is safe to say that social media has immense power when it comes to marketing for brands. The phenomenal levels of exposure that social media can produce for a brand/product is incredibly significant and remains invaluable. A brand who has most recently captured and engaged the masses via social media marketing is Sony during the much-anticipated launch of the DualSense PS5.

Sony have executed a magnificent digital marketing strategy which has added months of longevity to the PS5 hype. The build up across social media first began when Sony revealed the DualSense PS5 logo; this is the first piece of imagery which has been shared and left its audience wanting more. The reveal became the most popular Instagram post of all-time from a video games company. Less than 48 hours after it was posted, the image generated almost 5 million Likes.

To ramp up the anticipation further Sony published an image of the new wireless controller which achieved a staggering 4.6 million Likes on Instagram and a record-breaking 310,000+ Likes on Twitter. At this stage the console design was still yet to be published.  

Finally came the grand reveal of the console itself; a catalyst for ongoing discussions across social media worldwide. The design of the console became a hot topic across Instagram and Twitter which were bombarded with memes on the PS5’s design. This was an ingenious strategy from Sony as it influenced a significant amount of word-of-mouth advertising for the launch in the form of social media memes. In comparison to its rivals Xbox, Sony took a massive lead with regards to social media engagement by a large margin. 

As a final push for the launch Sony pulled off an incredibly innovative marketing stunt which was totally iconic across London. Taking over Oxford Circus Tube station by rebranding using the PlayStation shapes throughout; across the four station entrances and station walls. This strategy focuses on encouraging user-generated content to ignite conversations across social media surrounding the PS5 launch! 

At the Viral Group we value the power of social media and we have years of expertise in how to utilise social platforms to create the highest and most positive impact for brands. We possess strong knowledge of the gaming industry and have executed successful marketing campaigns for some of the largest gaming brands including Ubisoft, Outright Games, EA, SEGA and Konami.

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