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Meet The Greers are Nathan, Tara and their six children Romello, Lorenzo, Sienna, Sariah, Thiago and Marcelo. The children range from infant to 16 years old. From family fun including games and challenges, to life updates; viewers have a deep insight into the life of a family of 8. The eldest children also star in their own YouTube channels. Most known is Lorenzo with over 1.62m subscribers on his channel “Tekkerz Kid”.

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We aim to bring the biggest and most relevant brands to our creators, but we also offer more than just sponsored deals. We provide opportunities outside out of the creator’s social platform which all contribute to longevity and developing a personal brand.
From a brand perspective, our family creators engage with all members of the family so we can target a large range of age groups depending on the brief. We have executed campaigns across Fashion, Baby Care, Travel, Homeware, Beauty, Health and more.

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