At Viral Talent our team of specialists will enable brands to tell their story through the world's top social media influencers across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.

As a full service agency we work not only with brands to ensure high engagement and measurable results, but also with the influencer through providing management consultancy and top tips in growing their channel and monetising their platforms in the most effective way.




We are content creators and influencer talent managers, ensuring all influencers we work with only run content that works for them and their audience

TALENT management

With an influencer team purely focused on keeping up with the latest vloggers uploads, views, style of content and reach, we know the vlogger that will work for your brand


Our specialists have executed digital campaigns for the largest brands in the world today

reaching millions worldwide

Let us tell your brands story to an engaged audience of millions

why work with us


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    Engaged Views

    Ensure your brand is being presented to your relevant target audience. No more blind views

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    Choose Your Influencers

    Let us provide you access to some of the biggest influencers across Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Vine

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    Target Audience

    Lets get granular and ensure your brand is infront of your exact target audience

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    Expert Help and Advice

    Our dedicated Account Managers will provide guidance and creative direction from the brief to the upload. We take care of everything and will also provide EOC reports to provide in depth analytics on the performance of the campaign


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    Making it Organic

    Its your channel, you know what works, we encourage you and the client to make the content as organic as possible

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    Tier One Brands

    We offer a unique opportunity to work with some of the most premium brands that your audience will relate too

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    Secure Payments

    Quick and efficient payments to ensure you can spend more time creating content

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    Work in partnership

    Lets work together to grow your channel through collaborations with our other influencers, providing you access to junkets and some of the largest events to generate further views, comments, likes and shares

case studies


“This YouTube influencer campaign has been a fantastic way to gain wide-reaching exposure for the Power Rangers brand and toys in a fun and exciting way. The Gorgeous family really brought the toys to life to engage kids and the success of the video is clear with it gaining over 2million views in just over a month! We are extremely pleased with the results of the campaign and Youtube influencers will definitely continue to be a key part of our marketing mix going forward”Tess Parsons-Broome | Product Manager |

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