The Brief

BIGO LIVE is an app that allows its users to live stream, play games and chat with other users in real time. To increase its presence in the UK and secure further downloads of the app, BIGO were keen to work with Viral Talent to launch influencer-based marketing activations. The strategy was focused around showcasing the benefits of the app and its features, and in particular reaching Gen Z consumers.

The Approach

Viral Talent selected YouTuber Millie T to lead the campaign. Millie created a “24 Hour Challenge” style video, a trending title on YouTube, and integrated the BIGO LIVE promotion within the content. A link to download the app was included in the video’s description box, and was also inserted as a pinned comment on the following two videos posted to Millie’s channel to optimise exposure. Additionally, Millie created 4 Instagram Stories which were posted sporadically across a 3-4 week period. The stories encouraged viewers to “Swipe Up” which directly linked them BIGO LIVE’s download page.

The Results

The campaign generated huge awareness to BIGO LIVE. Across Instagram Millie’s stories gained 483,000 impressions; her conversion rate from impressions to reach was 98% which is well beyond average. The YouTube sponsorship targeted UK consumers with 81% of views coming from UK & Ireland. 97% of viewers derived from a mobile/tablet device signalling that it was watched mostly by Gen Z. The tracked link Millie promoted resulted in 240 installs of the app!!

Stats: At a glance

483,000 impressions
98% conversion rate
240 app installs