The Brief

Viral Talent started working with Estrid - Scandinavia’s first razor brand - towards the end of 2022. Estrid wanted to collaborate on a number of influencer marketing campaigns across the holidays - Christmas, New Year and Valentines - as well as a general awareness campaign. Estrid’s team were heavily focused on performance and provided clear criteria that our proposed influencers would be expected to deliver.  

The Approach

The hero influencer across every campaign was YouTuber and fashion/lifestyle influencer Lucinda Strafford. To expand the audience across Instagram we also included fashion/lifestyle influencers Jade Honey and Kelsie Border within our media plan. Each talent had strong female and Gen-Z audiences which aligned with Estrid’s target market. Plus, the sustainability element of Estrid’s products and campaign messaging appeals to this demographic. The campaign deliverables focused on a combination on Instagram Stories and Reels with direct links to purchase and a discount incentive.

The Results

Estrid were keen to understand campaign performance based on link clicks and sticker taps. Our planned activations successfully generated 1,701 link clicks and 773 sticker taps. As we move into 2023 we are continuing our partnership with Estrid with more influencer campaigns in planning stages.

Stats: At a glance

1,701 Link Clicks