The Brief

OnePlus recruited the help of Viral Talent for another EU campaign, this time to promote its newest product launch, the OnePlus Smart Watch. The client was eager to elevate the launch by utilising influencer-led marketing activations which could highlight the products’ functions and its versatile design. Specifically, male consumers between the ages of 24 and 35, residing in either the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark, were the primary market for the Smart Watch.

The Approach

Viral Talent utilised its influencer network to identify EU creators for the campaign. We asked the selected creators to produce content for Instagram including stories, grid posts and reels. The client received additional value in the form of Stories from some of the creators which optimised the campaign results. The strategy also included activations across Twitter and TikTok.

The Results

The campaign reached over 2.89 million consumers and generated over 3 million impressions. We also achieved a Cost per Impression (CPI) that was below the average industry standard, highlighting that the sponsored content planned by Viral Talent produced significant value for the client’s investment.

Stats: At a glance

2.89 million reach
3 million impressions