Silverlit Toys

The Brief

Viral Talent is a long-standing partner of one of the world's largest toy manufacturers Silverlit Toys. As the marketing team for all its European activity, we have the led campaigns for its Exost brand since its inception. Silverlit's newest launch within the Exost range, Exost Rhino Wave has been our most recent focus. In the lead up to Christmas, we aimed to target its primary audience of boys aged 5-9, based in the regions of Spain, Germany and Netherlands.

The Approach

The team produced an influencer strategy which utilised the key relationships we have built with families in these regions. Due to our experience working with this particular group of influencers we had complete trust to allow them creative freedom. Some even went beyond the brief to produce longer pieces of content to promote the brand. To enhance the campaign, we proposed a number of kids-safe digital advertising activations across YouTube and gaming apps. The YouTube piece targeted all three regions via the whitelisting of popular family and kids channels. We also supplied a set of iOS and Android gaming apps which all presented similarly themed content to the Exost product. This activation focused on rewarded pre-roll which is designed to generate higher engagement, video-completion rate and CTR.

The Results

The team delivered yet another campaign which has demolished the original targets outlined. With over 3.67 million views gained across YouTube and gaming apps, 137% of the target was achieved. That's almost 1 million views of additional exposure for our client. Plans are already under-way for upcoming campaigns in the Spring/Summer.

Stats: At a glance

137% Views Target Achieved