Silverlit Toys

The Brief

Global toy giants, Silverlit Toys were set to release its latest toy brand, Curli Girls and appointed the help of Viral Talent. At the start of 2020, media planning began for 2 global marketing campaigns to launch Curli Gurls across Europe and Australia for young girls between the ages of 4 and 9.

The Approach

The first phase of the campaign employed Kid YouTubers to produce sponsored videos for their channels which Viral Talent put additional adspend behind to guarantee views from the target audiences. The final portion of the campaign focused on the creation of a Curli Girls own-branded YouTube channel. The team planned a schedule of 41 videos over a 6-month period. To guarantee that each video reached the desired audiences in the UK and Australia, the team used a promotional tool to boost the content within YouTube.

The Results

Phase one of the partnership generated 2.49 Million+ YouTube Views which exceeded the views target outlined in the media plan by 37.5%. The creation of Curli Girls' own YouTube channel achieved 1.05 Million+ YouTube views, smashing its views target by an excession of 50%. A total of 53,474 hours of content was viewed, equalling 6.1 years. Overall the campaign generated 3.54 Million+ YouTube views!

Stats: At a glance

2.49M+ Video Views
1.05M+ Channel Views